Manual for the Soul:

A Guide to the Energies of Life

How Sacred Mesoamerican Calendrics
Reveal Patterns of Destiny


    An in-depth analysis on the energies encoded by the Sacred Maya     Calendar and the impact of those energies on daily life. Includes     hundreds of major world events and biographical notations that     reveal the mysterious links between the energies of the cosmos     and personal and planetary destinies.

    (744 pages; Hardcover with Dustjacket)
    Trim size: 7 x 10
    White Pup Press, 2009
    ISBN 978-0-9812677-0-8

                              Now $68 (Orig. $98)

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The Maya Calendar, the Aztec Sun Stone, Mixtec codices: these—and many other documents, artifacts, monuments, and stories—speak of an amazing timekeeping system that has been in use in Mesoamerica for thousands of years. This system, still kept alive by Mayan daykeepers, not only explains and encodes the nature of the energies that influence daily life, but also provides the key to understanding human destiny.

Hidden for centuries after the Spanish Conquest, aspects of this system are now coming to the attention of people the world over, often through media hype that sensationalizes ideas related to the “end-date” of the Maya Calendar.

In Manual for the Soul these ideas are put into a larger context as mythological, historical, and technical aspects of this system are explored from the perspective of history and personal biography. Within this work over 1500 significant events in world history are viewed through the lens of this calendrical system, as are the lives of over 1800 prominent figures, from scientists, humanitarians, artists, and mystics, to builders, entertainers, and world leaders.

Designed to shed light on questions such as “Who am I?”, “Why am I here?” and “What is happening on this planet right now?” this work also includes the identification of important evolutionary cycles, helping to explain the significance of December 21st, 2012.

Manual for the Soul may be of particular interest to those who enjoy reading about world history, biography, and/or mythology, and to those for whom the mysteries of Mesoamerican calendars and cultures hold intrigue. It could also be of great value for those interested in connections between body, mind, and spirit.